Vicoustic Panels – Korean Hi-Fi showroom

Achievement of superior sound does not come from speakers, subwoofers and amplifiers alone. The acoustics of a room can have a significant impact on the way sound reaches the listener. When designing acoustic treatments for a room, we consider firstly the kind of sound you want to achieve. Consideration is then given to your room’s dimensions, building and design materials, seating positions, audio and video locations, furniture and wall decoration placements.

Dedicated acoustical treatments can range from panel absorbers, effective in absorbing high frequency sound, to bass traps, effective in reducing low frequency reverb. While these methods are more suitable to an enthusiasts’ theater, treatments as simple as carpeting or draping can ensure a more true sound reaches you. The appropriate acoustic treatment combination will be recommended to suit your specific environment, and in particular your listening needs and interior design requirements.


Look & Listen can provide a range of acoustic solutions throughout Brisbane from leading brands such as Vicoustic.